Welcome to FEED!
Hi there and welcome to FEED!

We're a digital consultancy, and a group of super talented people. In a pond of corporate agencies, think of us as the odd duck out -- in a good way, of course! We might be different, but I've always preferred bespoke brands to the alternative. They cater to my needs, with a highly personalized experience and better quality product, which is exactly our m.o. here at FEED. Our size gives us the advantage to create the rules, be nimble, and form true partnerships with clients -- a welcome change to the usual.

FEED started as a seedling of an idea over lunch and a bourbon, or 2 (for the sake of creativity!) at the High Museum. Feeling unfulfilled at their agencies, the team started to discuss what they wanted out of a career, life, and how to omit the clutter taking away from the actual work. I wasn't involved sadly... but a few months later after connecting with the founders and hearing the story, I full heartedly supported and connected with the mission. It's simple really -- FEED was founded on the premise of truly wanting to do what you love. We want to make things and grow brands and not lose sight of the important stuff. Sounds good, doesn't it?

We like the idea of being a small group -- we help each other, defer to one another, and essentially only work on projects that we're passionate about with people that share our way of thinking. To me, it sounds like a smart way to do business. I quickly jumped on board to help establish operations and manage client relations. Being a part of a growing company is part overwhelming, part exciting, and a full 100% commitment. From small victories, like receiving business cards, to bigger client wins -- there is always something to celebrate and something to work harder for. Over the past few months, I've seen lots of growth, changes, and a few bumps along the way -- but the heart and dedication of our team has never wavered.

If you'd like to hear more, chat about golden retrievers, or how awesome Atlanta is -- I'm available for coffee... or wine.